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Sweet ais

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115cm x 170cm x 3cm

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The technique of layering is not only applied as a material-based method in this multi-media collage of a snowscape, but also contextually as its surreal character is built through the intersecting and blending of the artist’s memories of ‘the cold’. Such memories include: the coats of snow dusted on Mount Damavand, the morning white winter gardens of Tehran, the borderline fluorescent shaved ice desserts of Singapore, as well as the ice-creams that fill Iranian corner shops. Drenching the work in a myriad of references, to create a space where nostalgias from different corners of the world melt, drip, and seep into each other, is executed in Mojdehi’s desire to evoke a sense and place of liminality. A discombobulating feeling and state, but also familiar to individuals who exist drifting in-between cultures, such as the artist herself.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Medium: Acrylic paint and transfers on mdf.