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Self Infliction/A Cycle

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160cm x 180cm

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This piece seeks for itself and is the most direct I’ve been with one of my pieces. The image was inspired by the short poem that I wrote and printed on the piece. ‘Slash and burn, to ash, to urn. Pull back the curtain, pull back and learn.

The text highlights that we -everyday people- are being tricked into believing that things can improve if we carry on this way. We need to ‘Pull back the curtain’ and realise that we are exacerbating the destruction and decline of the climate. The dog biting its own tail is unfortunately us.

Country of Origin: UK

Unframed (Framing upon request)

Medium: Mahonia, Sappan, Annatto, Madder, Iron, Oak, Weld, Pomegranate on Linen, Wool.