Legs & Revolution

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101cm x 152cm

Here we have a happy Che Guevara sitting with Fidel Castro around an everyday campfire, with actor Benicio del Toro as a symbolic modern disruptor. Now, life creates itself in delirium and is undone in boredom, right? Not for this our rebels, lived and consumed at temperatures at which life cannot endure, at which they can barely breathe, but by doing so, they create their own myth. Unsurprisingly, Marx and sex have been their biggest seducers. Be that as it may, their vigour is travelling timelessly in their veins, craving, like an adolescent for excitement and adventure. Everything was ready to be exchanged both light and deep. Everything was undulating and spinning. Everything was changing lustre and colour with every passing thought. Every eye was listened, every gesture was analysed, every breath was questioned, and every glance was nothing but an answer. Everything was reflection and perspicuity. Absolute equality was the order of this gathering, there was no one who wasn’t proud to be who he was. So, time has come for our revolutionaries to leave the discussion about the diabolical corruption of capitalism and join the placative and salutary confines of sexuality.