Into Brain

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175cm x 235cm x 145cm

Head, the kaleidoscope of consciousness. What is inside people's head? Sometimes we wonder what the hell people are thinking of. Andre Malraux says everybody has materials of aesthetic sense in his or her mind; he called it as the Museum of Imagination. Marcel Proust opened new area of modernism novel with technique of stream of consciousness in which people's consciousness is not sequential or has not logical probability. How can we explain Schizophrenia in which several part of miscellaneous consciousness are simultaneously maldistributed and paranoia, the opposite idea, in which only one consciousness is clear while others are erasing completely? Is human being animals of consciousness or physical animal? Is human consciousness the product of the mind or the result of the body? Where and how all these unfamiliar and heterogeneous thoughts are coming from? Did they belong to me from the beginning (inner inevitability) or were injected from outside and finally internalized in my mind? Thinking is leading to other thoughts endlessly. It may sound ignorantly but you can open people's head and look into it, if you wonder. Is too simple? However, Sung Dong-Hun put this ignorant method into practice first hand. He showed us what is inside people's head through a head which can be opened and shut. A sensor on the head works when audience is approaching and the head opens slowly by the pressure. Lots of part of political, economical, social and aesthetic thoughts which go across contemporary events are made into objects and hung inside the head.