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‘How do you make ghormeh sabzi?’

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113cm x 192cm

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The instructions on how to make sabzi kuku, an Iranian herb stew, comes from a conversation between the artist and her grandmother, free hand embroidered onto patches of fabric, which have then been stitched onto sequence fabric. Mojdehi’s grandmother’s voice can be heard as the recipe is written in the phonetic pronunciation of English words for Iranians learning English. In this marriage between the Latin alphabet and the sounds of Farsi, a new form of communication is formed. However, this hybrid language, is not an absolute cure for untranslatability, as the recipe is useless when carefully read, with words being replaced, and the recipe oversimplified, a loss of information is depicted. A bittersweet reality of generational knowledge being lost through disruption and migration.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Medium: Textile collage with freehand embroidery.