Don Quixote-2018

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450cm x 430cm x 240cm

SOLD OUT (Reproduction available)

Don Quixote rides a horse in novel, but the sculptor's Don Quixote rides a cow from time to time. From the point of the history of civilization, horse connects with nomadic tribe and cow does with agricultural nation. Cow was an essential for farmers, and moreover was endowed with even religious meaning in traditional oriental society. For instance, in Hinduism, cows are considered as sacred animals and, in the Zen Sect of Buddhism, cows are known as the metaphor of the Sibwoodo. Cows, that is, represent a symbol of human nature being immanent in our heart. Sibwoodo describes ten steps of course man is searching for his true character which is represented as a cow and It comprises mythical epos in it, It would not be coincident that all the cows created by the sculptor are not tame but are reckless and wild cows. It is natural that true character is what has to become tame rather than what was tame already. In this way, with a character of clown riding on a wild cow, the sculptor breaks through the era of irrationality and madness and get his true character as well(or at least to aim).