Cow of Illiteracy-Don Quixote

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1,000cm x 800cm x 400cm

SOLD OUT (Reproduction available)

Don Quixote, the portrait or the portrait of an artist. Image of Don Quixote is what sculptor Sung Dong-Hun reminds us of first. Don Quixote served as a momentum for him to get into the mainstream and various versions of Don Quixote have been made intensively especially since 1990's. Image of Don Quixote and nature of the mainstream, however, do not seem to conform or go well with each other, Don Quixote has been known as a representative character of anti-mainstream symbolizing dream and fancy, unreality and surrealism, satire on society, critique and even madness. The mainstream of sculpture system may have become flexible enough to embrace such unreality and insanity or may have quietly missed this temperament implicitly. As a result, at least in appearance, the sculptor's strategy to break through the mainstream of stubborn art with senseless, reckless and ignorant character worked anyway and it seems wise enough. (It would be more accurate expression to say that he was faithful to instinct rather than he was wise. Don Quixote has therefore marked as the self-portrait of the sculptor breaking through the times, and even positioned as a portrait of all the artists who are standing against the system. Moreover, this portrait easily gains our sympathy because the character awakens irrationality and madness in our deep inside, which is usually hold down as an abnormality being compared with normality of the system.