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180cm x 220cm x 90cm
Mixed Media

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This sculpture of a deer, titled Blue, was inspired from the impressions of the artist upon seeing a poster of a lone deer standing in the middle of a city, which conveyed to him the sense of familiarity to his own life as one of struggle in a city of pretense, fakery, loss of common sense, amidst the attempt to preserve his own principles and way of life. The artificial purple beads that cover the deer’s body are illuminated from the inside with LED lights, and while they are sure to catch the eye, they are also symbolic materials that criticize the fakeness underlying the glamor of modern society. Moreover, through the exaggerated size of the deer’s ears, which resemble those of Mickey Mouse, the artist uses his own language of sculpture to express the way in which he constantly strives towards his dreams of the ideal through surreal expressions.